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Weird Useful Expressions To Learn In Our Spanish Lessons

Six weird useful expressions to learn in our Spanish lessons in Chicago. We saw these ones the other they in our Spanish lessons for advanced. Literately in English or in Spanish they don’t make any sense, but that is why they are called expressions.

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Let’s start from the first one.

  • “Me dieron gato por liebre”: It means they gave me cat instead of a hare. The other day I heard it from a friend yesterday and I say. I have to share it. So it is when someone promise to give you something and you don’t receive what exactly was promised, you receive something else. For example, my friend ordered a mango drink and he received something that tasted completely differently.
  • “Cría cuervos y te sacarán los ojos”. (“Raise ravens and they’ll pluck out your eyes.”). Weird right? Generally my parents used to tell me this when my sister and I were teenagers. It is when kids are being very rude and ungrateful. My father was very strict when I was a teenager and he didn’t let us go out at night, so I would say “I hate you” and other rude thing to him. Therefore, he will say this expression.
  • “Eramos pocos y parió la abuela” (“We were a few and grandma gave birth.”) Let’s say that many things went wrong in your day. You wake up and you forget you realized you forgot your wallet when you get to work, then your boss tells you that you have to work on Saturday, then a client complains and leaves the portfolio you were managing. When you live the company, starts raining and you get soaking wet. There you would say “eramos pocos y parió la abuela”. Many wrong things were happening and this one made the cake. Also, with this expression you can use “la gota que rebalsó el vaso” (the last straw)
  • “A boca cerrada no entran moscas”. (“Flies won’t enter a closed mouth”. It means don’t say anything or otherwise you would get in trouble.
  • “Hablar por los codos” (Talk by the elbows”). It is when someone talks too much.
  • “No tener pelos en la lengua” (“Don’t have hair in the tongue”). It is when someone is very honest. If you have hair in your tongue probably you won’t talk that much right? That is they idea. I know it is still weird.

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