Past Perfect Subjunctive in Spanish

In this class, we will see the different uses of Ojala and other uses for Past Perfect Subjunctive in Spanish. As I mentioned in this video here is the link to the class that is explained HERE. Please consider the structures that target subjunctive 

Remember to watch and read the class before doing this one. 

After you watch the videos, look at the notes and also try to do the homework.


Translate these sentences and click here to see notes.

  1. I don’t think that he did that 
  2. She doubted that he did it on purpose
  3. I hope that you can change your mind
  4. I asked him not to call me anymore
  5. It was better for you not to go there 
  6. Probably he hasn’t seen you 
  7. Your mom worked very hard so that you can have a great education
  8. Although you don’t want to hurt him, you have to tell him the truth
  9. I imagine that he was scared when he saw you
  10. I think that you have a great career
  11. It seemed good to me that he called you to let you know
  12. If I were you, I wouldn’t have done it
  13. I hope you rest!
  14. If you had meditated more, you would have felt calmer
  15. I find it fascinating that you have grown so much
  16. I wish you would have been more careful
  17. I will give you the money back, as soon as I receive the check\
  18. As long as you don’t work out, you won’t lose weight
  19. I hope you get better!
  20. If I had loved myself a little bit, I wouldn’t have dated that person
  21. I needed you to finish this
  22. He wanted you to be kinder
  23. If you had saved more money, you probably wouldn’t have a problem now
  24. You should have slept more
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