Uses in a Conversation of the Present Subjunctive in Spanish. How to use them in real-life situations the structures that trigger the Present Subjunctive. Basically, you have structures like these ones: Click this link that triggers every Subjunctive. Today we are talking about the “Presente del Subjuntivo”, but all of these structures can trigger other Subjunctives.

For the Present Subjunctive, Grammar Review go to this Blog Post 

The structures that we are seeing in the video below are the following.:

Wish/ Mental perception and declarations/opinion:

    • No creo que / Creo que +indic 
    • No me imagino que / Me imagino que  + ind
    • No digo que / Digo que +ind
    • No opino que / opino que
    • Prefiero que
    • Espero que 
    • Dudo que / No dudo que 
  • Commands:
  • Te dejo que
  • Necesito que
  • Hacer que
  • Te indico que
  • Te obligo a que
  • Te ordeno que

    For feelings and mood: 

  • Me gusta que
  • Me interesa que
  • Me preocupa que 
  • Me sorprende que
  • Me aburre que 
  • Me asombra que
  • Me divierte que
  • Me enoja que
  • Me encanta que
  • Me extraña de que

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Uses in a Conversation of the Present Subjunctive in Spanish


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