Do you want to Travel to Costa Rica?

Beautiful tropical beach with palm trees in Jaco, Costa Rica

If the answer is yes, you are at the right place. The first thing to consider is how much will cost you to get there. What do you need to travel to Costa Rica? A visa? A Covid test? How much is the ticket? Here is information so you can travel safer and happy.

Can I travel to Costa Rica?


COVID In Costa Rica

To help restore tourism in the safest way possible for both visitors as well as the country’s locals, Costa Rican officials have created many sanitation control measures. Among these orders is the Costa Rican health pass requirement. A pass is essentially a form that includes the: contact, travel, and insurance information of the individual visiting the country. All tourists are currently required to complete the form requesting the health pass prior to arrival. Once the form is completed, a QR code is sent to you. If you do not have this code you will not be granted entry into the country.

Click here for the Health Pass to travel to Costa Rica.

Flight Tickets and Flight hours

If you live in the midwest or east of the United States, like Chicago, New York, etc, it will take. you 4.5 hours. If you live on the West Coast, like Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Sand Diego it will take you around 6 hours to get there.

Check the flight tickets here, but on average from Chicago will be between $750 to $900. Tickets from Los Angeles or New York are a bit cheaper like $550 to $700 because there are more flights going there.

Airbnb or Hotel?

Airbnb will allow you to find exactly the type of property you are looking for, whether it is an inexpensive cottage in a secluded town or a penthouse condo overlooking the beach. In a hotel, you are staying in a room and then enjoying all the amenities. If you value privacy a lot, an Airbnb might be the better option for you but if you don’t care about privacy then you can find cheap rates and have your bed made, meals cook for you, and maybe a massage.

With Airbnb, you can have an entire house between $89 to $150 a night, however, in a nice resort, you will pay between $70 to $500 a night depending on the luxury that you are looking for. You can check Airbnb here and compare hotels here. 

City or Nature?

a) San Jose, Costa Rica

b) Beaches

c) Volcanos

d) Jungles

  1. .San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose Costa Rica is home to solid history and culture, outstanding architecture, friendly locals, and bustling nightlife. Most travelers go there for 3 days and then they head to the places that there is nature, either the beaches or the parks and jungles.

San Jose city is the cultural center of Costa Rica, thus there are plenty of art galleries, museums, parks, and dining alternatives for visitors to choose from. Although the city is reasonably modern as far as the Latin American cities, as it is unusual to see buildings that are older than 100 years.

Some of the most common attractions in San Jose include the Jade Museum, Democracy Plaza, Central Park, Spanish Park, Morazan Park, and the National Park. The Jade Museum is one of the country’s most exceptional museums and it is home to the largest collection of American jade in the world.

2. Spots for Nature

a) Beaches

If you love or prefer the Caribean ocean the main and best beaches in Costa Rica are:

  • Playa Cocles. Playa Cocles is a popular beach in Puerto Viejo, frequented by backpackers traveling along the Caribbean coast.
  • Playa Punta Uva. …is best known for having some of the most spectacular white sand, palm-studded beaches in Costa Rica. There is a shallow reef in front of the beaches which is excellent for scuba diving and snorkeling.
  • Playa Manzanillo. …it is an amazing beach with crystal waters, for people looking for peace and nature
  • Playa Chiquita. …for hikers
  • Playa Tamarindo.. for surfers
  • Playa Salsa Brava. …Most popular for surfers (Brava means strong waves)
  • Playa Negra. …for surfers
  • Playa Blanca. …With a large marina, lots of cafes, restaurants and upmarket shops and sandy beaches,
  • Playa Tortuguero… named for the famed sea turtles that come to the area to nest. Tortuguero’s dense jungle maze of winding canals is evocative of the wild Amazon.

My absolute favorite is Playa Manzanillo because of the amazing clear ocean but is not very popular. There are not many things to do, so If you want something calm this is for you but depends on what you want to do.


b) Volcanos

Arenal Volcano

The symmetrical cone-shaped Arenal Volcano erupted in the past an average of 41 times a day. While it currently slumbers, Arenal and the surrounding area are a great base for adventure touring.

Arenal Volcano

Poás Volcano

The northern lake, called the Laguna Caliente (hot lagoon) is one of the world’s most acidic lakes, in direct contrast to Lake Botos, the southern, which is cold, clear, and surrounded by the beauty of the cloud forest.

Rincón de la Vieja Volcano

The largest and arguably most temperamental volcano in the Guanacaste region is the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano. Her temper trickles into the surrounding national park in a series of volcanic hot springs, waterfalls, and bubbling mud pools.

Rincón de la Vieja Volcano

Irazu Volcano

Irazu Volcano

The craters are easily accessible from San Jose by a road that leads straight up to the summit craters. Although the volcano’s summit is usually cloud-covered, Irazu is the tallest active volcano in Costa Rica at 11,260 feet tall. The smaller of the two craters is Diego de la Haya.

Turrialba Volcano

Turrialba Volcano

The Turrialba Volcano, also near San Jose, can be a little difficult to get to. The hike to the top, where motorized vehicles are not permitted, can take between 1 and 3 hours. The surrounding park sees fewer tourists than others in the country and the trails tend to be more rustic and challenging. However, the incredible views throughout the park are well worth the work!

c) Jungles

Corcovado National Park Tour, Osa Peninsula

The park covers nearly half of the entire Osa Peninsula and is home to exotic species such as scarlet macaws, all 4 Costa Rican monkey species, and the endangered jaguar.

Tarcoles River Cruise, Central Pacific Coast

Available as an en-route tour from Arenal Volcano to Manuel Antonio, this tour is a great opportunity to get (not too) close to these immense creatures while continuing on your exploration of Costa Rica.

Damas Island Estuary Kayak or Boat Tour, Manuel Antonio

From crocodiles and sloths to monkeys and iguanas, these mangrove waterways are teeming with wildlife like crocodiles, herons, sloths, monkeys, and more!

Tamarindo Estuary Kayaking Tour, Guanacaste

This tour can be done in single or double kayaks. An hour into your adventure, grab a snack on the riverbank.

Know the requirements for tourists when entering Costa Rica.

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