Learn Spanish At Your Own Pace

Every student has different needs, schedule and deadline. Do you have a busy calendar?  Our private lessons have flexible schedule and give you the possibility to learn at your own pace.

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Spanish Private Lessons In Chicago

Dates & Schedule

Private Classes Are More Flexible

Our students choose private lessons because they need a more flexible class schedule. The purpose is to help language learners who have less availability on their calendar. You can pick anytime from M-F 10 am to 8.30 pm or Saturdays & Sundays from 10 am to 4  pm.

Normally we set a day and time for the 6 lessons and that will get you to the next level. It might take more or less depending on your commitment and learning pace.

Class Structure & Teaching Style

Immersive Learning

In every class we practice the grammar through conversation. This increases the effectiveness of the lesson. Your homework is to practice your oral skills with a language partner. We organize events twice a month where you can meet people from Latin America who are learning English in Chicago. 

We use inductive resasoning which makes you active in class instead of being passive. This method uses games and activities to improve the learning process.

Spanish Private Lesson Pricing

The base price for private lessons is $75 per hour (on-peak hours). But if you pay for 6 hours in advance you get 1 free session. This rule applies to every 6 lesson meaning if you pay for 12 hours in advance you get 2 free classes and you’ll get 3 if you book 18 hours in advance. 

Check the explanation of the levels in order to see how many hours you have to do to reach your goals.

Pros For Private Lessons

The Spanish private classes are more flexible with your schedule. As long as you cancel 12 hour in advance.
In the group lessons we follow the average pace of the group, but in the private lessons we follow your own pace

Pros For Group Lessons

The group lessons are more affordable
The group lessons are more social

– We also offer Group Classes which are more affordable and social 

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