Spanish Private lessons

  • You can pick anytime from 10 am to 8.30 pm or Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm.
  • 6 hours in average will get you to the next level (it can take more or less depends on your learning pace)
  • In every class we apply the grammar into a conversation. 
  • You will have oral homework that you will practice with a language partner (a person you exchange English for Spanish). 
  • We organize events twice a month where you can meet people from Latin America that come here to learn English. 
  • We use inductive resasoning which means you will active in class instead of being passive (through games, activities)
  • 60/h 
  • If you pay 6 hours in advanced you get 1 free.
  • If you pay 12 hours in advanced you get 2 free classes
  • iF you pay 18 hours in advanced you get 3 free classes
  • Check the explanation of the levels in order to see how many hours you have to do to reach your goals


  • The Spanish private classes are more flexible with your schedule. As long as you cancel 12 hour in advanced.
  • In the group lessons we .follow the average pace of the group, but in the private lessons we follow your own pace


  • The private lessons are less affordable
  • The private lessons are less social
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