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We form groups on demand, and level. After you  Schedule your free trial today!  We place you in the right group according to your level. 

Right now we are doing it online but hopefully coming back to normal soon. Anyways we are still offering the same value online. Study groups online, movie parties together and also Spanish English Events.


Our Spanish Courses

Spanish Lessons

Private Spanish Lessons

Start speaking spanish faster

Our Spanish private tutors are all Spanish native speakers from Latin America. Each level takes 6 hours. Even though they are private lessons, you still participate in the social events to meet real native Spanish speakers and have an immersive experience.

Spanish Lessons in Chicago

Small Immersive Groups

Learn spanish in a class

Each level takes 6 weeks, and the classes are once a week 2 hours each. You start in a class with your own level and move to higher levels of fluency in Spanish by improving your oral skills. Group classes are more social because you get to learn Spanish with other students.

Spanish Language Meet Up

Events & Conversation

Practice with native spanish speakers

We partner with EF International which teaches English to people from everywhere including Latin America. These Spanish speakers practice English with our students. We host these events twice a month as a part of the program so you can practice Spanish in the real world.

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We form groups all the year round according to the demand. We offer from basic Spanish lessons to more advanced courses. Schedule your free trial in order for you to get to know us and test your level!

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