Spanish conversational events schedule

Here you have our upcoming events in Chicago to practice conversational Spanish. We offer these events so you can practice what you saw in class. Try to bring the questions given in class so that Spanish native speakers can ask them to you. The Spanish conversational evetns are very fun, it is worth the try!

Spanish English Language Event

Wednesday, Sep 4 at 6 pm – 9 pm

LALC students are studying Spanish and EF Chicago students are studying English, so this is a great opportunity to exchange Spanish for English and vice versa, meet people and have fun with some drinks.

This event will match native speakers of Spanish with native English speakers in a series of conversations. We are going to link cultures in a single room. Our participants are an eclectic group of open-minded students, professionals, entrepreneurs, travelers and adventurous people.

Spanish Dinner Outing 

Friday, Sep 6 at 7 pm

Meet and greet your classmates and Speak Spanish. On this event, we are going to practice Spanish with my students and you can get to meet them. Everyone that is learning Spanish with me or LALC. I booked 15 spots, so the space is limited if you want to come please signed up here, even if you tell me in person. PLEASE BRING CASH AND ARRIVE ON TIME. It is BYOB

This is my favourite restaurant. The dinner is on you and I am giving my time so you guys get to know each other. Please BRING CASH because we are going to be many and credit cards are a mess.

Spanish Dinner Outing 

Friday, Sep 13 at 9 pm

We partnered with Latin Street Dancing Music so you can participate to the free class they offer from 9 pm to 10 pm and then you can stay to dance and meet Spanish native speakers. It is very important that in your language learning process you also get involved with the Latin Culture.

Join us on Friday at 9 pm.

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