Spanish reflexives part ll

You have to see the first part of Reflexives in order to see this class Reflexives with pronouns and prepositions.  Remember the grammar first and check this chart:

Spanish reflexive verbs

So we have 3 types of reflexives the ones that you do to someone and somebody else like: “Yo me baño” (I bathe myself)or the one you do to somebody else which by the way I have to do tomorrow: “Yo baño a mi perro” (I bathe my dog). The second type is the one that the reflexive version means something different than the non-reflexive version. For example, “ir” which means to go and “irse” which means to leave. And the third one is the one that only exists in Reflexive, like enojarse which it means to get mad. But if you make someone mad you cannot say yo enojo a ti, that doesn’t exist.

The Reflexive with pronouns and prepositions

 Here you check the whole material for this class while you watch the video.

Follow the notes and also study the vocabulary while you watch the video. This video shows how to use a verb with an auxiliary verb like “yo voy a bañarme” and the second one is using it with a preposition like “Yo no salgo sin maquillarme”.

Notas de la clase that I write while i am teaching the class

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