Uses of the Present Perfect in Spanish

The Present Perfect in English, just in case you don’t know is like saying “I have written”, and in Spanish is “Yo he escrito”. In Argentina and Uruguay, we don’t use it that much but in most countries of Latin America, do.

The present perfect is used when the action is completed, but the time not. For example, “Yo he lavado la ropa hoy” (I have washed the clothes today”). The act of washing clothes is done, but not today. Below is the grammar link and also the video explanation.

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Persons Verb Participio (pas participle)  Translation
Yo he escrito (written) I have written
Tu has Dicho (said) You have done
El/ella/usted ha Hecho (done) he/she/you formal done
Nosotros hemos trabajado (worked) We have worked
Ellos/ellas/ustedes han Vuelto they have returned

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