Prepositions “a” and “de”

We are going to see the prepositions that go with the verbs llegar, volver and dejar. Also we are going to see that depending on the preposition you add to the verb it could change the meaning.

Notas for this class

  • Poner means to put
  • Ponerse means to put on a coat for example
  • Ponerse a: to start to (after a consequence, after something happened) 

For example: Ponerse a llorar = to burst into tears

Ponerse a llorar

  • Empezar: to start
  • Comenzar: to begin
  • Dejar: to leave behind
  • Dejar: to let or give permission
  • Dejar de: to quit or stop doing something
  • volver: to return
  • Volver a: to return to
  • Volver a hacer algo: To return to do something. Changes if you add an “a” and in context.
  • volver de: return from
  • Atreverse a: To gain courage or to dare physically
  • Animarse a: To gain courage or to dare emotionally
  • llegar: to arrive
  • llegar a: to arrive to
  • llegar a: To end up doing something without meaning it
  • llegar a: to manage to finish something
  • Alcanzar: to manage to finish something
  • Alcanazar: without a preposition (to reach)

Extra words bonus

Acostumbrarse a to get used to
Enseñar a to teach to
Tender a to tend to
Dedicarse a
to dedicate yourself to
Negarse a to deny to

Video Explaining the prepositions with verbs llegar, poner and dejar

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