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Spanish online course subscription program


For this small monthly fee, our subscription would offer you:

    1. Oral Skills:
  • 2 hours a month with a teacher online or via phone to help you practice your speaking abilities.
    2. Communication Skills:
  • You will receive a biweekly video that includes a mock conversation between native speakers.
    3. Listening Skills:
  • You will receive a weekly podcasts about history, travel and culture, or Latin American News.
  • You will also receive an audio featuring useful questions and expressions that you can use to practice with your language partner or teacher.
    4. Grammer Skills:
  • You will receive a weekly exam to help you test your skills.
    5. Vocabulary Skills:
  • You will receive new vocabulary words weekly about different themes.

Take Spanish Courses Online

Sign up for our online Spanish classes and make fast progress while having fun doing it. Students can get an easy introduction to Spanish or just consolidate your basic knowledge with the beginner’s course. Following the online course step-by-step with your online Spanish teacher, you can gain an understanding of the most important ideas, grammar, and concepts. We will teach your Spanish pronunciations and vocabulary with example sentences as well as hundreds of additional useful sentences you can use in everyday life
When you enroll to take our online Spanish classes, Latin American Language Center will care about your learning progress and will do all that we can to assist in reaching your learning objectives. If you are a complete beginner we have an online course package through Udemy.

Spanish online course for beginners

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Learn from our Spanish teacher and owner of the school

Spanish online classes with native Spanish teachers

We invite you to register today for your first class. See for yourself how our online Spanish courses will help you learn Spanish online quickly and conveniently.

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