Latin American vs. American Dating Scenes
Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

This article highlights some of the key cultural differences of Latin American vs. American dating, as seen through the lived experiences of Mara Bogado Poisson, the founder & owner of the Latin American Language Center (LALC).

Latin American vs. American Dating

I was born and raised in Argentina and I have lived in the United States for the past eight years. As a result of my time in the United States, I have noticed that there are a few major differences when it comes to dating American and Latin American men. The following are the observations that I have gathered through my own experiences and those of my friends from both Latin America and the United States. Please note that these are generalizations of my own findings and that there will always be people who differ from the norm.

Cultural Differences between Latin American and American Men

American Men

For the most part, American men are very respectful of women and of their ambitions. In the United States, it is becoming increasingly culturally accepted for women to be very economically and emotionally independent. This speaks volumes about the general attitude that American men have in regards to gender equality. However, at times American men can appear to play it cool about their feelings towards a romantic interest compared to Latin American men. This was very confusing to me as a woman from Latin America when I entered the American dating scene.

Latin American Men

Latin American men are notorious for being hopeless romantics. If a Latino man is interested in you they will make it obvious. For example, Latino men will give women dozens of Piropos, which are flattering compliments. Latin American men will work relentlessly to try to win over the affection of their love interest. Just like other men, Latino men fear rejection too. However, they figure it is better to love than to never have loved at all.


I love the respect and admiration American men have for strong independent women and, I also miss the passion that Latin American men bring to their relationships. I would love to see a world in which both dating scenes would learn from one another.

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