Spanish intensive programs

Spanish immersion programs are very good when want to learn at a very fast pace and you have a quick goal to fulfill. At LALC we offer an experience-based program which means that we will set you in situations to talk to native Spanish speakers that no necessary know good Engish so that you can communicate with them. The complete immersion programs are when you travel to a Spanish speaking country and you don’t know very much from the language. Personally, I didn’t learn this way because I didn’t have the money or the time to spend months in a place to get bilingual, so that is how I (or we) the school knows how to teach Spanish as a foreign language.

This is a photo of Machu Pichu, Peru
Machu Pichu by Jeremiah Berman

Complete immersion programs

The complete immersion programs can be located literally in any country that speaks Spanish. This youtube video recommends which are the best places to live in a Latin American country. (I would exclude Argentina right now). This audio was recorded in 2017. The rest are very good options. I would stay in a host family because if you stay in a hotel, hostel you will end up speaking English. You can always party outside the house. Also, research, before you go and ask locals on this website what you should do that, is not so touristy and that is cool.

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