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How to do business in Spanish in Chicago

Many people wonder why you have to know how to do business in Spanish in Chicago. Isn’t Chicago in the United States? Yes, but there is a phenomenon in Chicago that Mexicans do not want to learn English living in the US. It is not all of them, especially educated Mexicans. It doesn’t mean that the ones that don’t speak English don’t work or make money, no. They work, buy electronics, clothes, houses, shoes, etc. Therefore doing business in Spanish became important in Chicago. In order to close a sale and convince the Mexican population in Chicago, the advertising and the sell has to be in Spanish. For example, I know a business owner that came all the way from Canada to expand his business. He and two other partners sell boilers to house owners. He is bilingual in French and English but he never imagined that he will have to learn English or hire someone in Chicago to do the sales in Spanish. Entire neighborhoods like Pilsen, Humboldt Park, Cicero, etc speak Spanish and they have old boilers that need to be replaced but even though he found someone to translate the sale, the owner wasn’t convinced because they couldn’t establish the emotional connection.
Also, it happens with the real estate industry where brokers have to be bilingual to sell in Chicago. Bilinguals brokers in Spanish and English are in high demand in Chicago. It is true that even though I speak English I prefer to be sold in Spanish. My hairdresser speaks Spanish, and also the lady that do my nails. It is just fun to them and learns about their lives as an immigrant.
Therefore the way that we recommend to do Business in Chicago is in Spanish to the native Spanish speakers even if they know English.
I am going to give you some useful vocabulary but is very important to gain the command in the language.

Invoice: factura
spanish classes

Receipt: recibo
spanish classes

Budget: presupuesto
spanish classes

Investment: inversion
spanish classes

Change (for money): cambio
spanish classes

Currency exchange: Cambio de divisas
spanish classes

Business: Negocio
spanish classes

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