How important are the cultural differences to do business.
People hugging by Photo by Erika Giraud on Unsplash

To be able to thrive in Latin American business world, it is recommended that you understand local social norms in addition to learning Spanish (contact us for lessons in Chicago). Below, we will discuss how to do business in Argentina.

How to do business in Argentina

According to Global reach – local knowledge many Argentinians are the descendants of Europeans, primarily from Spain and Italy, that immigrated to Latin American during the 19th and 20th centuries. As a result, the Spanish that is spoken in Argentina is noticeably influenced by Italian. Therefore it is slightly different than the Spanish spoken in other countries. There are a lot of different cultural traditions in Argentina and many of them are European in origin.

In Argentina, the business day starts between 8 to 9am and ends around 5 to 6pm. In the provinces it is normal to take a three or four-hour siesta in the middle of the day. Business life in the cities tend to do without the siesta.

It is important to be punctual for business appointments. However, be prepared to wait. Face-to-face meetings are an important part of successful business in Argentina. Conversations over the phone and written communication are seen as overly impersonal. Business decisions are made by those at the top of their organizations, which is why it is important to arrange meetings several weeks in advance.

During meetings, guests are usually greeted and escorted to their chairs. The visitors are seated in order of seniority across from their Argentinian counterparts. The traditional business greeting consists of a handshake while maintaining eye contact. The oldest or most senior associate is usually greeted first.

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