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How Long Does It Take To Learn Spanish?

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We hear this question often and especially since our students have busy lives, the idea that learning Spanish in Chicago can take too long is a misconception. You can always find time to learn, especially if you incorporate your learning into your everyday life.

So, what is the answer to this question?

At Latin American Language Center in Chicago, we base our curriculum on “Common European Framework Reference for Languages” (CEFR). This is a guide that is used to describe the achievements of students learning a foreign language.

How long it will take for you to learn Spanish? It will depend on your commitments and goals.

What can you learn at every level of our Spanish lessons?

Therefore, Spanish learning can vary in time according to the level you want to achieve. So, if you want to learn Spanish you should aim for conversational fluency, which can be achieved by everybody.

Beginner level.

On this level, you will be able to communicate in a basic manner. How to introduce yourself, talk about future or past events, talk about your activities or occupations. Hold a conversation and understand what it's being said if the communication is done at a steady pace.

This level will take you 3 months to achieve.

Intermediate Level.

Once you get to this level, you will be able to speak in a more elaborate manner. Your conversations and your understanding will go at a faster pace.

To get here will also require more commitment and consistency on your part.

At this level you will be able to:

• Have a more extensive vocabulary.
• Understand different expressions.
• You will learn to give suggestions and recommendations.
• Give or ask for advice and give directions.
• Recognize reflexive verbs, use of prepositions, connectors and complex verbs.

Learning Spanish in Chicago: Becoming fluent:

What do we mean by fluent? According to the Cambridge Dictionary when we talk about being fluent in another language it means: “(of a person) able to speak a language easily and well, or (of a language) spoken easily and without many pauses”.

At this level, you will be able to travel with confidence to a Spanish Speaking country or work on a Spanish speaking environment.

If you have committed to Spanish learning and it has become part of your lifestyle, you can be fluent in a year.

When we talk about taking Spanish as a lifestyle we are saying that you should incorporate Spanish into your everyday life, you can get some extra learning by:

• Watching movies in Spanish with English subtitles.
• Listening to songs.
• Reading books.
• Engaging in a conversation with friends using or at

If you limited learning Spanish to a classroom setting, as a result, it will take you a little longer to learn it. So, all the things listed before can get you some extra practice activities.

In our experience, you can become fluent faster by using our program that applies grammar into a conversation.

Our method also consists of group lessons for two hours, once a week.

Depending on the student's commitment the levels can be achieved faster.

A positive attitude towards learning Spanish is also a factor that can change how quickly you learn. If you keep a good attitude, misconceptions, like thinking that you will not have the time or the notion that you are too old to learn Spanish, will disappear.

Finally, motivation is key to keeping you on track, so when you are feeling a little discouraged, picture the fun you could have by opening the possibilities of learning about new cultures and getting to meet new people.

Therefore, Learning Spanish in Chicago can become a reality and we at the Latin American Language Center are waiting for you.

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