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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the schedule for the classes? Why isn’t a schedule in the website?
Our Spanish school believes that it is better to test the oral skills of the students before they join a group. We offer a free trial first in order to test your level and explain to you how we work. Therefore, we are starting groups all the time. You don’t have to start all over again in a course if you already know the first 3 classes, or how to introduce yourself, you can join an ongoing course or from the beginning. Oral skills and levels are not so cut and dry, so we do our best to fit you in the right group.

2) How long does it take to learn Spanish?
If you work full time but you make learning Spanish as your lifestyle, making Spanish native speakers, watching TV in Spanish, going to Spanish restaurants and having fun then you should be able to achieve the following. In order to be conversational and as long someone speaks to you in a steady pace then you should be able to understand and this would take you 3 months. If you want to be conversational and be able to give opinions, and explain complex different stories, then this will take you 6 months. If you want to be fluent it will take you a year.

3) Can I learn Spanish as an adult?
Yes you can learn Spanish as an adult... I did it so if I can you can. (well learned English not Spanish but another language). I have always been bad in learning another language in school. I remember my sister used to pass all the exams and I always failed, so I didn’t have a good memory about learning a new language. Actually I hated it. when I turned 26, I really wanted to learn it so that I can find a better job in Buenos Aires, and/or find a job in the United States. The key is to have fun while you are learning and applying what you see in a school with a native speaker. I was working full time and going to a language school, but I was practicing with native speakers in fun events and/or one o one. We offer that in our school; resources where you can meet Spanish native speakers and an a holistic program where you can take language as a lifestyle. Also we have had students over 40 that became bilingual as well, and so well that some of them moved to work to Mexico with a promotion, or married a Latino or also they were able to talk in Spanish with their kids which is very fulfilling.

4) How many students are in a group class?
Between 3 people to 8 people top max.

5) What is the difference between group lessons and private lessons?
The Spanish group lessons are more affordable but not as flexible because if you miss one you can’t make it up. You can make it up for the Spanish private class price (60/h). The group lessons are in the evenings generally 7 pm to 9 pm for 6 weeks. In the group lessons we follow the pace of group and we know that the group is progressing if they are improving their oral skills. In the private lessons, we will follow your own pace, so we can move as fast or as slow as you can, and you can make your own schedule with the private lessons. Also, you can cancel within 12 hours of your class. The cost of the group lessons is $270 for a 6-week course or 60/h for Spanish private lessons.

6) Are the Spanish teachers native speakers?
Yes, all the teachers are Spanish native speakers.

7) Do you offer events to practice with Spanish native speakers?
We host events so that you can meet Spanish native speakers. Spanish native speakers travel or move to the US to learn English, therefore we host fun events with drinks where you can practice Spanish with them.

8) Where can I pay? What kind of payments do you take?
You can pay with any credit card on our payment page.

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