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Spanish in Dominican Republic

We recommend to travel and learn Spanish in Santo Domingo and Sosua because the landscape is amazing and there are affordable destinations. Santo Domingo is a big city and Sosua is a small town. Going to Santo Domingo is very cheap, $500 round trip (some deals of $435) and the samall town Sosua (near bay Puerto Plata airport) is between $600 and $700 round trip Chicago – Puerto la Plata. Go to Contact us form more information or Read more:

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Sosua is located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, is a small coastal town, which is known for its beautiful beaches and water sports facilities. Due to its central location between the mountain range of the Cordillera and the Atlantic Ocean, Sosua is the ideal for water sports and also for Volunteer work with a non profit organization.

Santo Domingo is a big city and the capital of the Dominican Republic which is the cultural and economic center of the country. One encounters the historical face of the city in its colonial district, Zona Colonial, which is a UNESCO World Heri- tage Site since 1990.
At night it is filled with Merengue and Bachata rhythms. Dance enthusiasts can choose between going to a club or to typical dance place, often with live music played there. Sunday nights the locals get together for music & dancing at “Las Ruinas de San Francisco“, the remains of the first monastery of the New World.

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