Complemento Directo e Indirecto

The best way to explain Direct and Indirect Object ins Spanish is to tell you that is used to make the language more efficient and shorter. This is why you have to use the pronouns which are used to replace a noun or a pronoun. Here you have the whole explantation of Direct and Indirect Object ins Spanish. We recommend you to watch the vdieo.

For example, if you want to make shorter this sentence.

Maria cocina un pollo para Juan

First you have to ask yourself these questions

Maria cocina un pollo para Juan en mi casa
Make shorter
verb? cocina
Who? Maria Ella Sujeto or subject
What? – DO un pollo (it) lo
To Whom? – IO para Juan le
Where? en mi casa

The way to find the conversion you have to check this chart. Click this link for the whole material  

Please check out this video for the explanation but also you will need to click here for the notes related to the video. 

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