This question is something we hear often. You can learn Spanish as an adult by experience, and also we have seen it in all our students at our school.

Adult learning Spanish
Adult learning Spanish

Yes, of course you can

  • Adult learners listen better to the teacher’s advice than children. So, learning can be more focused.
  • As an adult, you have acquired a certain discipline and become an autodidact. Which means you will be more motivated to read a book, watch a movie in Spanish, research a word you don’t understand, and so on.
  • Adults are responsible students. Since your time is limited, because of all the shores you must accomplish during a day, you value your time.

It has been scientifically proven that adults can learn Spanish as a second language. A scientist from MIT has done some research on this topic. In the journal Cognition titled “A Critical Period for Second Language Acquisition”. They have concluded that adults of any age can obtain incredible mastery nearly as quickly as children

One last positive thing we can add to learning a new language as an adult is the health benefits.

When we learn something new, our brain gets active and healthy. Remember that our brains are like muscles!

Studying Spanish as an adult


As adults acquiring a new language, pronunciation can be a challenging part.

Most of the time this is not that important for most people. The primary reason for learning a new language is communicating with others.

So, pronunciation tends to be not that important.

This doesn’t mean it is impossible for an adult to have a native-like pronunciation of another language.

Grammar and Vocabulary

In both grammar and vocabulary, adults tend to do well when compared to children. As we said before, adults are more focused. Learning and practice are more goals oriented.


Adults have a lot of knowledge and good habits, and they are both applied to the new things that they are trying to learn.

If you are a good reader in your native language you will be a good reader in the language you are trying to learn.

You have everything to your advantage on learning a new language!

Tips that can help you with your Spanish language learning

  1.   Get in touch with everything that has to do with the Spanish language. Get immersed in the culture.
  2.   Learn slang. You do want to learn to speak Spanish the right way, but if you want to sound more natural in a friendly conversation, slang is a good thing to learn.
  3.   Listen to music and watch movies in Spanish with subtitles so you get used to the sound of the words. Also singing along to a tune can help with your pronunciation.

Spanish is the second language with more native speakers around the world and it’s the official language of 20 countries!

Learning a new language is not easy for anyone, adult or children, but constant practice and excellent teaching can get you there.

Therefore, as an adult everything is possible, and that goes also to learning Spanish.

You have control over your life, and you already know how you learn better, reading, repetition, taking notes.

Keep motivated, get immersed in the culture and practice.

You have learned that age is not an obstacle.  So, what`s stopping you?

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