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Buenos Aires Neighborhoods

Belgrano (Neighborhood I was raised in)

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In this neighborhood you won’t find many touristsm, unless you go to Beolgrano C. It is a more residential area for families, schools, cafes. There is a café I used to go with my friends to study called “La Argentina” in Crámer 1891, Esquina Sucre.

Cramer Ave, has some school and also a great ice cream place called Fredddo, you have to try the ice cream in Buenos Aires, or Chungo ice cream place. In this ave also there is a big school in Cramer and Blanco Enclada, which is called Sagrado Corazon. It is a Catholic school, very big and they have a very nice with a big Church inside. If you mention my name Mara Bogado Poisson, that I was a previous student they will let you in, in order to see how is a school in Buenos Aires, It is a private one, which are the best ones compared to the government ones, because they have less budget.
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It is very nice and European style
Cabildo Ave, from Cabildo and Congreso, until Cabildo and Carranza, it is belgrano. Lots of people in that Ave, and shopping, not very fancy like Michigan Ave, in Chicago, but interesting.

This neighborhood is not dangerous, you just to be careful like in New York, or any other big city. The cool part is that you wont find as many tourist as Recoleta, Palermo or Downtown.
This is where I was raised, all my life. It is a residential neighborhood, If you go to Melian Ave, you will see very nice houses and it is a quite for families and there are schools around there. Here I use to run there because it has beautiful houses. Check it out here:



  • This district arose from the settlement of British railway workers, a fact that is reflected in the buildings. With the further progress gradually settled urban exponents of the “Generation 80 ” , Argentina ruling class ; houses and mansions were built in various styles ( in contrast to other areas of the capital that dominates French architecture ) . It is therefore a neighborhood of expensive homes and low and the main streets are La Pampa, Melian and Forest Avenue.It is located west of the commercial area (ie Belgrano C ) , this being a residential area of ​​high class, where are some of the private schools in Argentina , for example the British Buenos Aires English High School ( where did the Alumni legendary rugby club ), German Pestalozzi School or Christian School.

Barrio Coghlan.

Definitely this is not a touristic area, it is pretty calm.

Coghlan is Barrio(neighbourhood), of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It is the name of a Middle class neighbourhood located between Belgrano, Saavedra, Núñezand Villa Urquiza; it was originally inhabited by Irish and English Immigrants.

The 1887 sale of 30 hectares (75 acres) of land to the Mitre Railway led to the railway’s extension under the direction of Irish Argentine engineer John Coghlan, in whose honor the train station was named. The sale of residential lots after 1891 led to the rapid growth of what was then a suburb of Buenos Aires and, in 1896, Dr. Ignacio PirovanoIgnacio Pirovano opened an emergency hospital, today among the city’s public medical facilities.

Coghlan was formally designated as a barrio (borough) in 1968 and is today still a quiet bedroom community (Commuter town) known for its big, English style residences.

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