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Travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina

The tickets are not that cheap, but I can offer you affordable staying there with my mom! We can offer for $400 dollars only stay in Buenos Aires for one week. The only condition is that I need to know you a little bit either being my student or trust you somehow because I am offering my house My mom does not speak English at all! so it will be a perfect immersion opportunity.

Also I have lived 27 years and family their whole life so we can advice you where to go at night or not where to visit. I am giving you some recommendations right now so you can start checking it out!

The touristic places:

  • Tigre for leather and a boat tour
  • Palermo Soho > Beautiful boutiques, and stores nice restaurants
  • San Telmo … Oldest negihbourhood in Buenos Aires
  • Caminito la Boca history …. During the second World War there is where people use to leave, they painted them but they look practically the same
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tigre,_Buenos_Aires_Province

Non touristic places, Buenos Aires neighborhoods please click HERE

The only neighborhoods that I would not recommend is going to the south of Buenos Aires, or the west or “zona Oeste” or the Sur. Also other neighborhoods outside Buenos Aires, and a nice town not so far is “La Plata”.

The best places to stay are Palermo Soho, Recoleta, Belgrano but it is nice to visit the non touristic places in order to practice your Spanish.

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