Mara Bogado-Poisson

Entrepreneur & Spanish Teacher

Helping you learning Spanish while connecting  people in an immersive experience

Personal life

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina raised by Paraguayan immigrants alongside her sister, she moved to the United States in 2012. She pursued her passion of connecting people and of Spanish and Latin American culture and created the Latin American Language Center.  

Career Building

Certified by the International House World Organization to teach Spanish to adults as a second language. She learned English as an adult in Argentina, however she was frustrated that all the programs she attended were focused solely on writing and grammar. She took this frustration and designed a curriculum that teaches Spanish using conversational approach to help her students speak in Spanish. 

About Mara

Mara was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised by Paraguayan immigrants. She attended the University of Buenos Aires where she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Afterwards, Mara worked in finance for five years. Ultimately she found her job in finance unfulfilling in a time in which her home country was experiencing economic instability. Therefore, she decided to learn English in order to move out or Argentina in search of better opportunities.

Even though she had studied English before in high school and had taken private lessons, she couldn’t speak English. She later found an immersive way to learn in Buenos Aires which allowed her to get her first job outside of Argentina in Atlanta, GA. Upon reflecting on her experience learning English she thought about providing lessons in Spanish in an immersive way. In order to do so, Mara got certified and also created a trademark methodology that converts Spanish grammar into a conversation.  

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