About LALC

Latin American Language Center is a Spanish language school in Chicago that provides Spanish lessons to adults through a fun and immersive experience. LALC was founded by Mara Bogado Poisson, who is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, using the latest methodologies from Europe. 

Over 40 Years of Teaching

Spanish Lessons in an Immersive Environment!

We encourage you to take Spanish courses with us here at LALC because our tutors, our style, and our mission go above and beyond that of any ordinary language school. Our goal is to build a Spanish-speaking community where you can come learn from instructors that are native Spanish speakers, meet great friends, and live the real Latin American experience. Check our Socials page to learn more about our events and philosophy. 


Why Learn With Us?


Learn from people not books

We apply the grammar into a conversation. Grammar is important but only factors into 30% of becoming fluent. The rest of Spanish fluency is acquired by practicing and through immersion in real social situations.


Events to Meet Native Spanish Speakers

Speaking is the number one way to improve your Spanish. We hosts various social events for you to meet and practice with native Spanish speakers. Can’t attend on of our events due to conflicting schedules? No worries, our staff at LALC is committed to providing the full immersive experience and we will gladly pair you with a native speaker to work with one-on-one.


No Extra Cost for Materials

The price of the course includes the materials, both printed and digital.


Laid Back and Fun Classes

We have beer on tap, and prizes when we play games in Spanish. Our classes are tailored to young professionals who want to learn quickly through one-on-one communication and want to connect with people. 

Spanish Lessons in Chicago


Our Team

,ing,Head of LALC

Mara Bogado Poisson

Founder & Certified Spanish teacher. Mara was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Daughter of immigrants from Paraguay and now an immigrant in this country as well. Her personal mission is to value and enjoy life, find stability and variety through business, and connect with people. Mara is also passionate about growing as a person, learning from her mistakes, accepting herself, contributing with her strengths.

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Spanish Instructor

Elvia Carreon

Originally from Mexico, Elvia is one of our Spanish instructors here at LALC. In addition to teaching, she also helps the LALC team with Social Media and Curriculum. She is currently working on her undergraduate degree in Media at the Art Institute of Chicago. Aside from her studies, Elvia is heavily involved with the Latinx community in her neighborhood. 

Spanish Instructor


Vanessa was born and raised in California by Mexican immigrants. She grew up speaking Spanish at home and has been studying Spanish ever since she was five years old! Vanessa received her B.A. in International Relations and Spanish from UC Davis. She recently moved to Chicago last fall and shortly afterwards began working with us at LALC. Her favorite part about teaching is sharing her love of the Spanish language and Latin American culture with her students.

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What Our Students Say

Sarah H.

If you are looking for Spanish classes – this is the spot. 

Spanish Lessons in Chicago

I took 3-4 years of Spanish in middle and high school and haven’t “formally” studied since. I practiced on Duolingo a bit but noticed that my speaking and listening weren’t improving very much on a trip abroad.

I signed up for classes at LALC and instantly started progressing in my Spanish. The classes are 100% speaking and listening so you get an immersive experience for 2 hours a week. They also tell you how to best practice during the week so you can continue to learn after class.

LALC combined with Duolingo helped me greatly improve my vocab, listen, and feel confident speaking. 

Highly highly highly recommend.

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