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Learning Spanish: 9 Reasons Why You Should Start Today

There are many reasons for learning Spanish. One of these reasons is there are about, 437 million people worldwide that speak Spanish as a native language.

Today, we are going to mention just a few reasons for learning Spanish. So, if you ever wondered why you should start learning Spanish, here are 9 reasons why.

1. It is a popular language.

Like I mentioned before there are about 437 million people worldwide who speak Spanish.

There are 20 countries that have Spanish as their official language.

And if you're not convinced yet, the US has about 50 million native Spanish speakers living there. Also, it is the third most studied language in the world.

It is widely spoken and worth knowing language, that will help you communicate with 1 out of every 10 people.

2. Learning Spanish will open opportunities.

One of the benefits of knowing a second language and a popular one like Spanish, is to have it included in your CV. This will open many and new opportunities. Some of these opportunities are:

• Finding work at home or overseas.
• Volunteer work in Spanish-speaking countries.
• Business opportunities with many countries.

That’s why many people are learning Spanish to set themselves apart from other candidates.

3. It will be easy to learn.

Knowing people that are native speakers will make it easy for you to immerse in the culture and find people to practice your Spanish. Spanish culture is everywhere!

4. Traveling.

It will make traveling easy. If you are planning to visit some Spanish-speaking countries, you would have a better time if you can communicate and understand the language.

Visiting museums, looking at millinery architecture, and learning about first cultures is going to be a much better experience if you understand the language.

You can even travel alone, without having to rely on tour guides or other tourists.

5. You'll find more things to entertain yourself.

Learning Spanish will give you the chance to read great books on the languages they were written and watching movies and TV series in their original language.

There is a lot that gets lost in translation, so it will always be better to read a book or watch a movie in its original language.

6. Getting to know great people and building long-lasting friendships.

Learning Spanish with friends you already have will create a bigger bond.

But finding friends to practice and having the chance to meet great people, you otherwise wouldn’t have while doing some tourism, can build friendships that go on for many years.

7. It will improve your health.

Many studies have shown that acquiring a second language can help delay the onset of diseases like Alzheimer's and can postpone the symptoms of dementia. It has also been found through studies that learning a new language improves, above all, cognitive function.

8. Learning Spanish can help you learn other languages.

Since Spanish is part of the languages derived from Latin, learning Spanish will make it easier for you to learn other languages that are part of the same group, like:

• Portuguese
• French
• Italian
• Romanian
• Catalán

You will already know the grammatical structure of the “romance languages”.

9. It will be fun.

Learning a new language will give you the opportunity to experience new things. As we mention, getting to know people, learning about a new culture, planning to take a trip. It will also give you an amazing sense of accomplishment.

If you were having second thoughts about starting to learn Spanish, I hope these 9 reasons helped you decide.

So, which reasons motivated you?

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