There are many reasons to learn Spanish.  Below, we will mention a few good reasons to start learning Spanish today!

9 reasons to learn Spanish
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Spanish Is A Popular Language

According to the Spanish newspaper, El País, there are approximately 577 million people around the world that speak Spanish. It is the official language in 21 countries. Additionally, around 40 million people within the United States speak Spanish as a native language!

Learning Spanish Can Create New Job Opportunities

Knowing a second language, and a popular one like Spanish, can only provide more job opportunities for you. For example, with your knowledge of Spanish you can provide services for Spanish speakers within the United States in the medical or legal field. You can also apply to and accept jobs and internships in countries throughout Latin America and Spain. 

It Can Enhance Your Experience While Traveling Abroad

If you would like to visit Latin America, learning Spanish can enhance your travel experience abroad. Your newfound knowledge of Spanish will help you meet new people, ask for directions, and understand and appreciate your surroundings more so than the average tourist. Additionally, you will feel more secure having the ability to speak Spanish with the local population.

Learning Spanish Can Help You To Get To Know Our Neighbors Better.

We mean this literally as well as metaphorically. Often we forget that there are 20 countries south of the border that speak Spanish as their oficial language. Earlier we also mentioned how approximately 40 million people in the United States speak Spanish as their native language. We see this in our Latinx neighborhoods in Chicago, such as Pilsen, Little Village, Humboldt Park, etc. Therefore we can get to know our neighbors better, both on a smaller and larger scale, by learning Spanish.

Spanish Can Strengthen Your Friendships With Friends That Speak The Language and Help You Make New Friends

Many of us know of have friends that speak Spanish. Learning Spanish can help you communicate with those friends in different ways! Knowing Spanish can also help you make new friends either in places you already frequent or during your travels to Spanish speaking nations.

You Can Access More Things to Entertain Yourself

Learning Spanish will help you enjoy content originally written in Spanish. You can read read great books in Spanish such as Love In The Time of Cholera by Nobel Prize winner, Gabriel García Márquez. If books are not your thing then you can watch movies and TV series in their original language. For example you can watch films like Academy Award winning film Roma (Alfonso Cuarón) without having to use subtitles.

It can improve your health

Many studies have shown that acquiring a second language can help delay the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s and can postpone the symptoms of dementia. It has also been found through studies that learning a new language improves cognitive function.

Learning Spanish can help you learn other languages

Spanish is part of a family of languages knowns as “Romance” languages. This means that they are derived from Latin, the language of the ancient Roman empire. Romance languages share similar grammatical structures and therefore studying any other Romance language after learning Spanish will be much easier. Below is a list of other Romance languages:

  • Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal)
  • French (France, Haiti, Many countries in Africa)
  • Italian (Italy)
  • Romanian (Romania)
  • Catalán (Catalonia: Barcelona)

It will be fun!

At LALC , our mission is to teach Spanish in a fun, social, and culturally immersive environment. In addition to our classes, we host weekly language exchanges with native Spanish speakers from all other Latin America, monthly salsa lessons in partnership with a local salsa studio, and a monthly dinner at the Argentinian restaurant in Lakeview, Tango Sur. Contact us today to start learning Spanish and enjoy the 9 benefits mentioned above from doing so.

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