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5 Mexican Spanish English words to learn in Chicago

The most common 5 Mexican Spanish English words that you can learn in Chicago, especially in Pilsen and Cicero are:
1. “Troca”. I couldn’t believe it when I heard this. This word Spanish-English word was created on the streets of Chicago because it doesn’t exist either in Spanish and in English. Troca apparently means truck in English and Camion in Spanish like this one

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2. The other funny Spanglish word is mopeadora which it means “mop” and in Spanish means fregona, but not mopeadora! The funny thing is that even some stores advertise is like mopeadora and not fregona! If you don’t know what a fregona is. Look at this image…

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3. The other very common word is “la rufa” haha, which means the roof or in Spanish “el techo”. Generally, this type of incorrect Spanish usage of the language is created on the streets. Many Mexicans that were born didn’t go to college nor in Spanish or in English, so the construction worker that hear Americans say roof and they haven’t learned it in a formal way in high school or college they invent a word that makes sense to them.

So this is a rufa! Or really, really it is called “techo” in Spanish, so that you know, even though if with Mexicans in Chicago you will have to say rufa.

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4. When I heard this word I laugh out loud. I couldn’t even believe its existence. Janguear which means to “hang out” and it really doesn’t really have a literal translation in Spanish. We say “pasar el tiempo con amigos”, but nothing exact. This makes sense why this word has been created, because all that we live in Chicago we know what it means to “hang out” and it is so used, and we want to say it with our Spanish speaking friends that we can’t, so we invent one so that we can still use it. To hang out basically is to spend time kind of, even though is not exact.

5. Conflei is another crazy one. This is for every cereal, even though that comes from Cornflakes. The correct words is cereal. Isn’t it much easier lol? Ceral is also cereal in Spanish, but in you are in a Hispanic neighbourhood in Chicago you have to say Cornflei.
Let’s check the box that this word came from!

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