5 words Mexican Spanish
Photo by Yucel Moran on Unsplash

The following article will go over 5 unique words and sayings that are commonly used in Mexico. 

1. Órale

This word is used in Mexico as an expression of agreement, motivation, astonishment, or in some cases to hurry someone.

  • Órale, están padres esos zapatos” Right on, those shoes are nice!
  • ¡Órale, date prisa que se nos va hacer tarde!” Come on, hurry up or we will be late!

2. ¡Que padre!

Que padre literally translates to “what father.” It is a common phrase used in Mexico to describe cool or awesome things. Sometimes, the word padre is used on its own to describe how nice something is.

  • “¡Que padre estuvo los quince de Rubí!” Rubi’s quinceañera was awesome
  • “Esos tatuajes se ven bien padreThose tattoos look really cool

3. ¡Aguas!

It’s the go to expression of caution used in Mexico. The term translates to “waters” but doesn’t have anything to do with water. If you’re walking down the street and someone yells “¡Aguas!” it would be wise to look around and stay alert.

  • ¡Aguas! Se la esta pasando en Rojo. Look out! That car is running a red light.
  • ¡Aguas, te vas a quemar! Watch out you’ll burn yourself!

4. Güey

It’s pronounced “wey” and is derived from the word “buey”, or ox in English. However, most Mexicans use this word nowadays to refer to their friends or to call people morons.

  • “Ese güey qué se cree o qué? Who does that idiot think he is?
  • Güey, pasame la caguama” Dude, pass me the caguama (32oz beer, equivalent of the American 40oz).

5. “Quihubo or quihúbole

There are many variations to how this word is spelled but its a variant of “Que hubo” or “What was there”. Therefore, “Quihúbole” means whats up and used when greeting friends of family.

  • “¡¿Quihúbole Juan?! ¿Cómo estás? ¡Tanto rato sin verte!” Whatsup Juan! How are you? Its been a while!”

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