20 minutes of Spanish makes a difference!

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The journey to learning Spanish is not easy. Learning a new language requires dedication and patience. It can be easy to let our lives take over our personal goals like learning a new language. Taking a single course per week is just the beginning of your Spanish commitment. In fact, learning Spanish one a week with 2 hours or more is not enough. It is preferable to intake less time of Spanish instruction while reviewing it daily. At Latin-American Language Center we encourage all our students to take a 20 minute Spanish practice daily.

Learn Basic Phrases and Words

When you start learning Spanish take 20 minutes a day to review common vocabulary. Start with basic phrases and words to introduce yourself. Before you want to advance in your Spanish learning, it’s important to jot down basic terminology. Start with phrases such as:

Hello –Hola

How are you?- ¿Cómo estás? 

What is your name?- ¿Cómo te llamas?

Introducing yourself can take a couple of days or a week is you consistently practice 20 minutes daily. This information will have better longevity in your memory than a 2 hours memory session once a week.

Listen to Spanish Media

Once you start learning and adjusting to new information it’s important to start listening to Spanish music. If you want to dedicate a certain day to listen to Spanish music instead, that’s absolutely fine. What’s important is that your brain is introduced to Spanish information every day. Will you learn full-on sentences? Not likely. However, you will pick up a random vocabulary and new conjugations. The best part about listening to Spanish music is that it can reinforce your grammar that you are learning, making it easier for your brain to remember.

For example, if you are practicing the imperative (which is the grammar tense for commands), listening to music that has this kind of grammar tense helps. The concept is to familiarize yourself as much as you can.

Example of songs in the Imperative:

Atrevete by Calle 13
Cantalo by Ricky Martiin ft. Calle 13 & Bad Bunny
Amarrame by Mon Laferte ft. Juanes 
Diseñame by Joan Sebastian
No me ames by Jennifer Lopez ft. Marc Anthony
Pega la vuelta by Jennifer Lopez y Marc Anthony
Subeme la radio by Enrique Iglesias

*In total these songs will reach an average of 20 minutes.

This is simply an example if you are learning a grammar conjugation. If you hear the conjugation spoken multiple times, you will get accustomed to the way it sounds orally and the way you perceive it. Ultimately, the goal is to become a Spanish speaker. The best way to reach this goal is that if the language becomes less foreign to you.

Get a Language Partner

The best way to learn Spanish is by practicing orally as much as you can. Look for a language exchange partner whose first language is Spanish. This is the best way to retain any Spanish you learn. Taking 20 minute Spanish conversations daily with pay off in the long run. We recommend to our students to have language partners that are going through the same experience as you, learning English as you learn Spanish. Set up a time on Zoom or a walk at the park, the more time you talk the better.

So is 20 minute Spanish a day enough?

Latin-American Language Center offers a Language Exchange setup through our program. Reach out if you are interested in taking classes with us! We offer various resources to practice your Spanish 20 minutes a day. Click here to sign up for Spanish lessons in Chicago today!

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