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20 minute Spanish class you can do in Chicago subway

20 Spanish class you can do in Chicago subway besides the Spanish classes that you take. Everyday you can do something different so that you don’t get bored. The first thing we recommend is to listen to a podcast in Spanish even though you might not understand what you are saying. 90% of our actions are unconscious and programmed without us knowing we are thinking about it. The same happens if you listen over and over again something and stays stuck in your mind. The same if you listen to something in Spanish. So here are some recommendations.

Spanish Radio Stations

On Tuesday morning or on Monday evening when you come back from work you can try this app called Duolingo. It won’t make you speak but it is very helpful to learn vocabulary and expressions. If you are already an advanced student, I don’t recommend Duolingo, I recommend Todoclaro.com It is a great website to practice the subjunctive.
The other thing you can do in the subway is to do your homework. We share everything online, so you can read it if you cannot write because you are not sitting down. We recommend to write in paper the homework because there is a better connection between the pen and the paper than the computer which is more impersonal. Anyways you can read what you saw in class. If you are tired when you come back from work do it in the morning.
Also sign up in Spanish to talk in Spanish with native speakers. Hello Talk or Tandem. In two seconds you will have a lot of people to text in Spanish. Also if you want to meet with someone you can do Conversation Exchange and find someone that lives in Chicago.
You have to take advantage of the moments that you have to do them anyways and instead of looking at the ceiling or listening to music you can be doing this. In Argentina I have had 2 hours commute each day and I learned so much in the subway! You can do the same.

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