Dominican Republic Spanish

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Dominican Spanish

In this post we will go over Spanish words used in the Dominican Republic. Last post we focused on Mexican Spanish, now we are moving on to the Caribbean. Lets take a look at Dominican Spanish. We’ll start with a simple phrase to get our conversation started…’

“Qué lo qué…”

To start off our list of useful Dominican Spanish words and phrases we have “Qué lo qué” which is the equivalent of “Whats up?.” You can open up a conversation using the phrase as shown below:

“¡Qué lo qué, mi gente!” – “What’s up, everyone!”


Next we have “Vaina”. This is a very useful and commonly used Dominican word for “thing” in the broadest sense of the word. However, it is also used in other countries like Venezuela and Colombia. 

“Quieres probar un poco de mi Kombucha?” – “Do you want to try a bit of my Kombucha?”

“¡¿Que es esa vaina?!” – “What is that thing?”


Moving on, “Tiguere” is a pretty interesting word used in Dominican Spanish. It comes from the word “Tigre” which means tiger in English. This word is reserved for cooler people but can be used as “bro” or “dude”.

“¡Qué lo qué Tiguere!” – “Whats up my man!”


The following word is a very condensed Dominican way of saying “está todo bien” or “it’s all good”.

¡Ay, Quebré él espejo!”- “Oh no, I broke the mirror!”

Tató, compro otro.” – “It’s all good, I’ll buy another one”


“Jumo” means “drunk” or to be very drunk. See the example below:

Amiga, te ves mal ¿Qué pasó?” – “Girl, you look horrible. What happened?”

“Tenía un jumo encima anoche y ahora ando toda doblada” – “I was so drunk last night and now I’m very hungover.”

Now, you know some words for your next visit to the Dominican Republic. You can learn more about Latin American culture and more Spanish with us at LALC. Click here to sign up for Spanish lessons in Chicago today!

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