Learning Spanish in Chicago.
Learning Spanish in Chicago

Learning Spanish in Chicago can be very easy because you can go to Pilsen or to your hottest Hispanic store/club and you can talk to someone in Spanish. Today we are going to see the differences between “Saber” vs “Concoer”. Both of them mean “to know”.

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Saber means to know “how to do something”. It is a skill, for example. “Yo sé manejar”. Also, it means if you have the knowledge about something. For example, “Yo supe que decir”. I knew what to say. You have the knowledge about some situation or event.


Conocer means to know a place or a person. Also, to meet someone for the first time. For example Yo conozco Italia. I know Italy. Or yo “conozco a tu hermana”. I know your sister. Or if you meet someone for the first time would be: “Yo conocí a mi esposo en Cuba”. I met my husband in Cuba.

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