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Whether you want to learn Spanish for work, love or for personal reasons, we offer Spanish as a second language classes. We have Spanish group lessons or private lessons for adults in Chicago. We create fluency through an immersive Spanish experience teaching you how to apply the grammar into a conversation and giving you the opportunity to practice Spanish in a real situation. LALC organizes events once a week to practice with native speakers, outings once a month and salsa dancing once every two weeks. 

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Our Story

After spending a lot of money on courses in Argentina to learn English, Mara realized the United States language learning system is inefficient as well. Most children don’t leave the school bilingual. I, Mara, the owner created a proprietary curriculum which includes the latest methodologies used in Europe to teach Spanish as a foreign language. This is the way I became bilingual in Buenos Aires, and got a job here in the United States. You can learn Spanish as an adult with a full time job! I did it! (with English)


Our Spanish course offerings

Spanish Group lessons

social – MORE AFFORDABLE- less flexible – follow the average pace of group

Each level takes 6 weeks, and the classes are once a week for 2 hours. From Spanish lessons for beginners to advanced lessons, the way that you pass is if you improve your oral sills. For learning the schedule, pricing, etc click on   “learn more”

Spanish private lessons

Self Paced – more flexible- less affordable – Private Spanish TuTor

Our Spanish private tutors are all Spanish native speakers from Latin America.Each level takes 6 hours (could be more or less depending on you) . Even though they are private lessons, you still will participate in the social events to meet real native Spanish native speakers and have an immersive experience. Click to learn more.


Practice Conversational Spanish in a real situation

We partner with EF International which teaches English to people from everywhere but mainy from Latin America, therefore these Spanish speakers come to practice their English with our students. These type of events we host twice a month and it is part of the program so you can practice Spanish in the real world.

Business  Spanish Courses

We offer Spanish for business course for adults. The vocabulary in Business is the easiest to learn. We help your employees how to gain the command in the language and then apply the vocabulary once you learn it. It is not a magic rush course like most schools promise. The management has to be supportive with the process to make it sucessful. To learn more click below.

Spanish online intro course

This Spanish online course is a good start for beginners. It takes self-discipline which the presencial classes give you. It doesn’t have the social component but if you are trying Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, etc. this could be a good start for you


Spanish/English Langauge Exchanges  

 We offer events as part of the curriculum where you can meet Spanish native speakers that come to the US to learn English, and you can practice with them in a real situation. Also we sponsor salsa events where my student can come free to meet Latin people and dance.

Tips to learn Spanish efficiently.

We did a video for you so you can learn Spanish more efficiently and take advantage as much as you can of the course. Learning Spanish could be easy if you take it as a life style. Watch the video.


What Our Students Say


Sarah H.

If you are looking for Spanish classes – this is the spot. 

I took 3-4 years of Spanish in middle and high school and haven’t “formally” studied since. I practiced on Duolingo a bit but noticed that my speaking and listening weren’t improving very much on a trip abroad.

I signed up for classes at LALC and instantly started progressing in my Spanish. The classes are 100% speaking and listening so you get an immersive experience for 2 hours a week. They also tell you how to best practice during the week so you can continue to learn after class.

LALC combined with Duolingo helped me greatly improve my vocab, listen, and feel confident speaking. 

Highly highly highly recommend.

Sabrina S Peter

Classes are fun and conversational.


I have taken Spanish language classes with the Latin American Language Center for the past five months. The classes are centered around speaking skills first which in turn helps you learn reading and writing. Classes are fun and very conversational.

Mara truly wants all students to succeed. She regularly schedules events for her students to converse with native speakers.

Pricing is very reasonable. If you are looking to learn Spanish, reach out to LALC.

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We form groups all the year round according to the demand. We offer from basic Spanish lessons to more advanced courses. Schedule your free trial in order for you to get to know us and test your level! 

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