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Spanish Lessons Chicago

In our experience the best way to learn Latin American Spanish is by speaking it (We don’t teach the Spaniard version). Therefore, our LALC® proprietary curriculum is applied in Spanish conversation throughout all our Spanish lessons. We apply the Spanish grammar into discussion each class, encouraging our students to verbally express themselves in Spanish. For this reason we also organize Spanish conversation groups (according to your level) in order to practice what you saw in class. These resources will give you the opportunity to practice, meet, and bond with Spanish native speakers. We also host BYOB events that range from chats, cultural workshops, and even Mexican slang classes. As a result, our students are able to speak and network with other people with similar interests. Our Spanish lessons are laid back, yet professional, we offer snacks, beer, water and soda in our Spanish lessons in Chicago. All of our Spanish teachers have their first mother tongue in Spanish strictly from Latin America. The founder, Mara Bogado-Poisson is from Buenos Aires, Argentina where she initially learned English . After being frustrated with learning English in high school up until the age of 27 and still not being able to speak it, she took learning a second language as a lifestyle. She is now applying these lifestyle and immersive methods in her curriculum Spanish as a foreign language at LALC.

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Want to take Spanish lessons in Chicago? The Latin American Language Center, aka LALC, offers modern Spanish lessons in Chicago and a refreshing way to learn Spanish in our friendly, fun, and professional environment. We offer Spanish classes in all levels from Beginner to Advanced. In order to properly place you in the correct level, we provide a free 30 minute oral evaluation test. Please text, call or email us for a level assessment! If you are not ready to take a Spanish class in person you can start with our $9.99 online package for beginners.

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