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Walking Through A Spanish City

Walking Through A Spanish City

While walking through a Spanish speaking city difficulties may appear. Sometimes a student doesn’t have to leave their country to be a foreigner. For example, in Chicago, there are neighborhoods like Little Village or Pilsen. These neighborhoods and many more are Spanish-speaking environments. Therefore, there is important vocabulary to know. In addition, we have composed a list of useful terms and vocabulary to guide you for the next trip or visit.


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  1. PLACES 

    Here are some important places within a city or community. As a result, these terms are necessary to memorize if you want visit certain places. However these locations can potentially vary from Latin-American location and region.

    Barrio – Neighborhood
    Policia – Police
    Estación de Bomberos – Fire Station
    Aeropuerto – Airport
    Museo – Museum
    Restaurante – Restaurant
    Tienda – Store
    Parque– Park
    Escuela – School
    Universidad – University
    Supermercado – Supermarket
    Abarrotes- Convenient Store
    Banco – Bank
    Gasolinera – Gas Station
    Cine – Movie Theatre
    Galeria – Gallery
    Iglesia- Church


    The following are vocabulary words for street signs. As a result, the Spanish learner can travel throughout the city better. Also, the student will know terms that prevent an accident. Almost all of these terms will come in handy if the student is trying to navigate through city or neighborhood.

    Calle – Street
    Autopista/Carretera – Highway
    Pare/Alto – Stop
    No Camiones – No trucks
    Precaucion- Caution
    Salida de Emergencia- Emergency Exit
    Peligro – Danger
    Prohibido Estacionar– No parking
    Reduzca Velocidad- Reduce Speed


    Finally, the following is a list of vocabulary words on different forms of transportation.
    Pecera –
    Bus (smaller)
    Coche –Car

    Avion- Airplane
    Tren – Train
    Estación- Station
    Barco- boat

    Traveling to a new country or neighborhood can be overwhelming. However, with these basic terms, your trip can go a bit more smoothly. In addition, the Latin-American center encourages their students to practice in an immersive environment. This will prepare you for your future trips.

    Pilsen conversation groups are great because of the Spanish-speaking environment. It’s important as Spanish learners to immerse with Native speakers. Due to the multiple festivities and events are held for Native speakers like La Fiesta del Sol, immersion is available . Every year Fiesta del Sol is held and Spanish takes over the entire city. Most of all, Spanish students should take time out of their week to practice through immersion.
    If you want to join us in future events in Pilsen, follow us in The heart of Chicago is a great opportunity for Spanish learners to explore. And while most of our events will take place here, Little Village is also a great option.

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