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Telenovela Immersion

Telenovela Immersion?

Telenovela immersion? Sounds absurd, right? Rather than practicing with boring methods, telenovelas can be a fun option. While the LAL Center encourages practicing with a language partner, watching videos can  sharpen listening skills. Through telenovelas students would listen to Native speakers. This would also challenge them to listen to different speech patterns (accents and slang). Thus, watching Telenovelas can be a great alternative to an in-person immersion.

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So what are telenovelas? They are Latin-American soap operas with dramatic, loud, and exaggerated narrative. Due to their over the top nature, Spanish learners can easily follow the storyline. Once a student is following the show, they become more comfortable. Comfortability with language equals immersion. At the end of the day, the goal is for the student to become conversational. This can potentially lead them to learn vocabulary that they can use in the real world.


Where to find them? Telenovelas are available online and in Univision. Telemundo offers free episodes online on their Youtube Channel. The telenovelas range from action to comedy. However, there is doubt that any Spanish learner will become easily entertained. Through this immersion, there will be a range of speech patterns, idiomatic expressions, reflexives, and new vocabulary. Therefore, this unconventional form of practicing can actually be beneficial.

But try not to obsess over them so much. It can be difficult once you start.

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