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Spanish past tense irregulars

Spanish preterite irregulars In the previous article of Spanish past tense irregulars, I made a mistake and added present tense irregulars, therefore I am correcting it in here. The past tense irregulars are the ones where the stem changes or everything changes. Remember that the verbs are divided […]

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Spanish irregular verbs

Spanish irregular verbs that change the person “Yo” are “Decir”, “venir”, “tener” and the rest behave like irregular verbs e to i. The Spanish irregular verbs are conjugated this way:   Yo Digo (completely irregular), tú dices, él/ella/usted dice, nosotros decimos, ellos/ellas/ustedes dicen. Then Venir, is “yo […]

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Spanish questions

In this article we are going to learn Spanish questions that you can ask simply to keep interacting. First of all, in Spanish questions you have to start with a question mark and finish with one. ¿Qué? (What?), for example, ¿Por qué? Why?, ¿Cómo? How? In Spanish […]

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Spanish conversation in present tense

Let’s continue to learn the Spanish conversation in present tense verbs. It is important to learn the meaning of the verbs but also how to use it in a Spanish conversation in present tense. For example the verb pedir, is to ask for. What can you ask […]

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Present tense conversation

In this blog let’s see how to use the present tense in a conversation. I order to learn the present tense in a conversation you have to learn how to use the verbs, the prepositions and also the context that you use them. Before going to the […]

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How to ask questions in Spanish

In this article, we are going to see How to ask questions in Spanish using the verbs in present tense. Also besides learning, how to ask questions in Spanish previously seen in our previous blog as well., we need to learn how to answer them using the […]

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Free Spanish grammar class

This is a free Spanish grammar class about the present tense. Fist memorize some useful vocabulary like desayunar, mirar, etc which you will have to learn how to conjugate in this free Spanish grammar class. The  verbs are divided in a root/stem and an ending. For example: The root […]

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How to begin a conversation in Spanish

In this video we will review the two questions you will learn how to begin a conversation in Spanish with your conversation partner and use the Present Progressive. You will also begin a conversation in Spanish with phrases mucho (a lot), no mucho (not much), más (more), menos (less), to add […]

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Spanish class about uses of present continuous

This Spanish class will be about the uses of present continuous. This Spanish class about uses of present continuous is very easy. The present continuous has 3 uses. The first one is when you talk about activities that you do literally at the current moment. Like: “I […]

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Spanish event to practice Spanish

Meetup Event to Practice Spanish  We are meeting on March 8th at the Spanish Square restaurant to practice speaking Spanish. We’ll begin at 7 p.m. Any of my students can come for free. Others can join us too, and don’t worry, for them, it’s only $3 per […]

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