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Why the Spanish Alphabet isn’t too important

Why the Spanish Alphabet isn’t too important For those who have been in my Spanish lessons, you could see why it isn’t too important to learn the Spanish alphabet (especially if you’re adult and your first language comes from the occidental world).  The reason why it isn’t too […]

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Spanish present tense irregulars

In order to learn the Spanish present tense irregulars, first, check our previous blog the Present tense regular verbs. The Spanish present tense irregulars are not that different. The only difference is that the stem changes. Remember that in order to analyze a verb in Spanish you […]

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Spanish class about uses of present continuous

This Spanish class will be about the uses of present continuous. This Spanish class about uses of present continuous is very easy. The present continuous has 3 uses. The first one is when you talk about activities that you do literally at the current moment. Like: “I […]

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Spanish grammar class: Present progressive

In this Spanish grammar class, we are going to continue to see the present progressive that we saw in our last post.  A Spanish grammar class shows how the present progressive is formed and how to apply it in a conversation.  The last lecture introduced how to create verbs in […]

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