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Spanish past tense irregulars

Spanish preterite irregulars

In the previous article of Spanish past tense irregulars, I made a mistake and added present tense irregulars, therefore I am correcting it in here. The past tense irregulars are the ones where the stem changes or everything changes. Remember that the verbs are divided by a root and an ending, for example, the stem of comer is “com” and the ending is “ar” or in some books, they call it conjugations because everytime you drop it you form one. You always have to check the root of the verb in the infinitive and also check the ending.

In the case of the “past tense” irregulars stem changing verbs because they only change in the stem and the ending does not.

Regular Paste tense

Can you see that only changes in the 3rd person, “o to u”

The only verbs that change the patterns are “dormir” and “morir”.

Also, there are other verbs that have a different change of patterns. The second ones change “e to i” as you can see in the following picture

The other most common verbs that change “e to i”, servir, mentir, preferir, sugerir, elegir, seguir. Of course, there are other verbs that change in this pattern but first, you should study these ones.



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