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Spanish past tense completely irregulars

Spanish past tense completely irregulars

In the previous blog, we started seeing the past tense irregulars, which are were not completely irregulars, they only change the stem. The ones that change “o to u” in the third person singular and plural. The ones that change with this patter are “dormir” and “morir”. Yo dormí, tu dormiste, el dUrmió, nosotros dormimos (never chang2”es on this type of pattern), and ellos “dUrmieron”. Also we mentioned the one that in the 3rd person it changes “e to i”. For example: the verb pedir (to ask for).

Yo pedí, tu pediste, el pIdió, nosotros pedimos, ellos pIdieron. Other common verbs that follow this patterns are servir, preferir, sugerir. For now just study these ones.

The  one that is completely irregular besides “ser”, yo fui, tu fuiste, el fue, nosotros fuimos, ellos fueron is “dar”. Can you tell that ends in “ar”, well, but when you conjugate it in the past has the ending of the ir verbs. Yo di, tu diste, el-ella-usted dio, nosotros dimos, ellos dieron.

Also besides the verb dar (to give), study the verb ir and ser. Ir means to go and ser means to be, but they are both conjugated the same way.


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