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Spanish lunch in Pilsen

Elvia is from Mexico and she lives in Pilsen. This Spanish lunch in Pilsen will not be only able to practice what you saw in your Spanish lessons but also shop or pretend to shop in a neighborhood that speaks only Spanish. This Spanish lunch in Pilsen will start in Nuevo Leon at 12 pm on Sunday 28th. Please book in here if you are coming. 

Please be there, especially my students that I am hope are receiving this email. Remember to ask your teacher what Spanish questions you should bring to practice there.

Tips to order:

“Quiero beber/tomar una copa de vino tinto (wine glass), sangria, agua, and all those nouns you learn in class. Also remember to add please “por favor”

“La cuenta por favor” – The bill please

El menú por favor. The menu, please

Para comer quiero ..

Pueden chequear el menu desde ahora.




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