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Spanish music

Latin American countries have different types of music. A lot of these famous singers are famous for singing a specific type of music that drives their listeners crazy. For example, some of the popular styles of music all over Latin America are cumbia, reggaeton, and pop music.
Cumbia is very famous type of music throughout Latin America. Cumbia derives from European and African American music. Cumbia is a very famous style of music where the famous instrument that is being used are the drums. Cumbia is much known in countries like Peru, Columbia, Argentina, Mexico, and Nicaragua. It is a style that is very rhymitic and easy to dance to.
Another popular style to dance to in Latin American, is the reggaeton. It is said that reggaeton comes from Panama, Puerto Rico and from Cuba. Reggaeton music is actually a style that is a mix of different styles put together. Reggaeton has origins from Jamaican. Therefore, its music style comes from Panama, since a lot of Jamaicans migrated to Panama; then Puerto Rico took over the style reggaeton, since a lot of the reggaeton artists came from Puerto Rico. Reggaeton is a music style that has everyone dancing. It’s a mixture of hip hop, rap, and reggae.
Some of the famous singers that sing cumbia and reggaeton are La Sonora Dinamita, Kumbia Kings, Celso Pina. Also, some of the famous Puerto Rican Reggaeton singers are Don Omar, Tego Calderon, Daddy Yankee, Tito El Bambino. Of course each country adds its own very style to the music.
Pop music is another traditional style of music in Latin American. Pop music is a version of rock n roll with rhythm and harmony and an emphasis on repetitive lyrics. Pop music stars in the Latin American culture are Diego Verdaguer, Ricardo Arjona, Aleks Syntek, Julieta Venegas, La India and many more. These artists are all from different Latin American countries, but they all sing pop music. They are all famous for having their own pop style and putting the Latin pop genre up high.
Latin American countries have other styles that have attracted a lot of listeners. We will be learning about them as well. Keep posted!

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