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Spanish Conversation Topics

Spanish Conversation Topics

Spanish students who want to expand the communication skills should know some conversation starters. The Latin-American Language Center recommends their students to attend conversation classes to practice their Spanish. Below we will list great Spanish conversation topics to help maximize your practice. While these questions are a bit general, they can lead to more specific vocabulary. Therefore, the list will include questions with open prompts that will lead with follow up questions. A Spanish learner should have general knowledge of the following list. But remember above anything, confidence is key.

Questions and Follow Ups

  1. En que trabajas? What do you do for a living?

    Que haces en tu trabajo? What do you do in your job?
    Cuales son tu metas profesionales? What are your professional goals?
    Que te gusta de tu trabajo? What do you like about your job?

  2. Que haces en tu tiempo libre? What do you do in your free time ?

    Cual es tu actividad favorita? What is you favorite activity?
    Cuando empezaste tu pasatiempo? Por qué lo haces? When did you start your hobby? Why do you do it?
    Que haces en el fin de semana? What do you do on the weekend?

  3. Donde quieres viajar? Where do you want to travel?

    Por qué? Why?
    En que parte? What part?
    Te hospedas en hotel o AirBnb?Do you stay at a hotel or Air Bnb?

  4. Que te gustaría hacer para tus vacaciones? What would you like to do for your vacations?

    Por qué? Why?
    Que harías diferente? What would you do differently?
    Donde vas regularmente para tus vacaciones?Where do you regularly go  for you vacations
    Te gustaría viajar con tu familia o amigos? Would you like to travel with your family or friends?

  5. Cual es tu película favorita? What is your favorite movie?

    Quien es tu favorito actor o atriz? Who is your favorite actor or actress?
    Prefieres horror o comedia? Do you prefer horror or comedy?
    Que película has visto ultimamente? What movie have you watched lately?

  6. Que fue lo ultimo que hiciste con tu familia? What was the last thing you did with your family?

    Tienes hermanos? Estas casado/a? Do you have brothers? Are you married?
    Donde viven? Where do they live?
    Como se llaman? What are their names?

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