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Spanis past tense

Let’s learn how to speak in the past with the Spanish past tense presentation online. We have seen in previous blogs Spanish present tense, progressive and how to introduce yourself. We have Spanish past verbs regulars and irregulars. The Spanish verb regulars do not change the stem or root, but of course, the ending is different because is the past tense. Remember that almost all verbs in the infinitive end in ar, er and ir, and you have to exclude it in order to conjugate.

Spanish past tense verbs

Can you see that the ending of the past tense verbs that end in ar, you have to replace it for you e, aste, ó, amos aron and the ones that end in er and ir, are replaced by í, iste, ió, imos and ieron.

Please do this homework online. You can practice in the app Spanish conjugation app  Remember that is good to do it over and over again. Therefore check  HERE for ios and for android is better this one

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