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Pilsen Fest 2017

Pilsen Fest 2017

Pilsen Fest is an event where music, art, and culture join together in Pilsen. Firstly, the festival will take place on Chicago on August 18 – 20, 2017, in the Pilsen neighborhood. Also, this outdoor festival will feature renowned musical acts drawing an attendance of 50,000 people (2 days and a kick off event with a classical music concert and photo exhibition). The objective of the Festival is to celebrate and embrace diversity, solidarity and unity. A great event for anyone who simply enjoys the Latino culture and Spanish language.

This can be a potentially full on immersive environment for anyone. The music will in Spanish and all the businesses are owned by Spanish-speaking people. The event also celebrates diversity, there will be various genres of music and types of food. This will not be hosted by us but you are all welcome to go. We feel that it would be a great experience for all our students.

However, if you want to attend any of our events, our next will be at the museum! Click here for more->


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