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Mexican economy

Mexican economy has not been improving a lot along the years. Mexico, is a country that best known for its agriculture, industrial and its oil production. The Mexican economy depends on the exporting of their agriculture, oil, vegetables to the United States and to Canada.

The administration is also guilty of the low labor force that is being done at different textile factory where workers work for long hours so these items can be exported to different places. A lot of the fruits and vegetables are exported from the Mexico. Mexico is known for having farmers that work really hard to cultivate and sell their goods. This is why a lot of Mexican families rely on in order to survive.

Mexico’s industrial economy

Mexico’s industrial economy also plays a big role in its economy. At the moment, Mexico’s industrial production has dropped. For a couple of years now, Mexico’s economy is not the same, since the U.S demand for its industrial weakened.

This is not surprising, since the Mexican economy  has always been on the lookout. Mexico is a country where sadly there exists a lot of corruption from the government.

Mexican economy

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