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Make a friend learn Spanish

When you are an adult you have to make a friend to learn Spanish. All my students are professionals and busy people, and I was too when I was learning English.  I was working in Argentina in a full-time job and was leaving work at 6 pm, but I really wanted to become bilingual in English. Therefore, I had to find a way to do it and had to be sustainable over time. I have to make a friend to learn Spanish, I thought. That is the only way I can keep myself motivated. I was going to a private English school in downtown Buenos Aires,  Argentina and I loved that place because all the teachers were native speakers. I bumped into the hallway with a girl from California that was teaching English in Argentina. She wanted to learn Spanish, so we started meeting for coffee, drinks, etc. and my oral skills improved drastically. Then I took it more seriously so I posted on Craigslist and other platforms. Now there are a lot that I share with my students.

The secret of learning a language and keep yourself motivated when you are a busy adult, you should link the Spanish learning experience to a positive experience. I used to hate English and by the way, I used to hate the US. I married an American, I speak English and I live in the Chicago, US now. I happened to meet very nice American people, from all walks of life and states. I met people from California, Portland, North Carolina, Nebraska, Michigan.  They were all very nice, friendly, open-minded, etc. This is where I wanted to spend my time, traveling in my own city and meeting more these type of people. People that want to learn another language generally are educated, friendly, ambitious, very nice to be around.  I, myself included, need to get out of our comfort zone and open ourselves more to new people with other walks of life. Life is not all about work, it is about connecting with your passions and people that think like you or that you admire. I happen to do what I love, but even if you are married and/or have a boyfriend, it is important to have your own personal passions and connect people that you admire, like and want to be around with.

Therefore, if you want to learn a language you can check out our event in HERE 

You can visit and check Spanish, to go to social events. Also, you can visit, or download Hello Talk, Tandem. Take what your saw in the class and practice with someone that you get along.

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