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Importance of Spanish lessons in Chicago

Importance of Spanish lessons in Chicago

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Why should we learn it?

If you want to learn Spanish, the first step is taking Spanish lessons. As our country progresses Spanish is becoming more necessary for non-hispanics. Spanish lessons might be difficult at first but Chicago has so many opportunities involving the Hispanic culture, food, and language. The rapid growth of the Hispanic population reflects in the U.S. Census data. The Hispanic population in Chicago jumped from 786,000 to 803,000 between 2015 and 2016. This means about 30 percent of the Windy City’s population is now of Hispanic or Latino descent. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that the Spanish language is a crucial language to learn. 

My Own Experience

Last weekend I went out with my friend (born and raised in Chicago) and we decided to delve into the Salsa dancing scene. The club was filled with a variety of Latin-American faces. But regardless we all spoke Spanish. Spanish is the language that united everyone. At the club there was one girl who didn’t speak Spanish, she was non-Hispanic. She was there accompanying her Dominican partner and at that moment I realized that she would soon be part of our community. The Latino population will continue growing as people fall in love into a Spanish speaking household or delve into the Latino culture. As the population grows communities grow as well. You will miss many opportunities if you don’t try to learn the language.  


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