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How to use verbs in Spanish

It is very important to learn how to use the verbs in Spanish in a conversation. Please remember to study the grammar first. It doesn’t make sense to study a list of verbs in Spanish and you don’t know how they are conjugated and in what context you should use them. In our previous blog, we learned the Spanish past tense irregulars and the most common verbs that we use in a conversation. I love analyzing the verbs with my students so they can form a sentence with them.

Verbs that change e to ie.

For example, entender, can be used in two ways.

Yo te entiendo (I hear you). For example: “Estoy cansada” – Te entiendo, yo también. I am tired, I hear you, me too.

“Yo entiendo”, I understand what you are saying. Yo entiendo la consigna. I understand the task.

The other one is “Pensar”, for example with pensar we always use the preposition “en”

Then the verb “preferir”, means to prefer. You can use preferir + verb in infinitive. Yo prefiero comer pollo (I prefer to eat chicken). If you want to compare to something, it could be “Yo prefiero comer pollo que carne. “I prefer to eat chicken than steak”. Also the verb “Querer”, it could be “querer + verb in infinitive”, yo quiero tomar un café. I want to drink a coffee. Also it could be “querer + noun”: Yo quiero un café.

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