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How to introduce yourself in Spanish

Common ways of Introducing Yourself in Spanish-

-There are different ways of introducing yourself to other people when you first meet them in Spanish. All of these ways are correct and there is no problem in using either one when introducing yourself. One of the most popular ways is “Hola me llamo ________ y tu? This translates into “Hello, I am called_____ and you?”

The verb llamar, in infinitive means to call, therefore me llamo is “to be called”:

Yo=Me llamo

Tu=Te llamas                          Nosotros/as= nos llamamos

Ell/Ella/Ud= Se llama            Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes= se llaman

-Another way of introducing yourself to someone is “Mi nombre es_________, mucho gusto and this translates into “My name is__________, nice to meet you.”

-Another way you can introduce yourself is by saying “I am __________and you are?” This translates into “Yo soy _______ y tu eres _________”.

Yo soy, tu eres, el/ella/usted es, nosotros somos, ellos/ellas/ustedes son

These are different ways of introducing yourself in Spanish. Next time you meet someone remember that you have different ways of introducing yourselves to others and they will all be correct. Try them!

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