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Group Spanish Lessons

Group Spanish Lesson

Previously known as Spanish lessons Chicago, and now Latin American Language Center (L.A.L.C)  is always organizing Group Spanish Lessons according to people’s needs and busy schedules. We think that learning Spanish should be an enjoyable process and not a burden.  We study people’s behavior with regards to the attendance and motivation. We offer an immersion program, where you can explore different restaurants speaking Spanish and also you can exchange your English for Spanish with native speakers online.

The Group Spanish Lessons learning experience is a 50% – 50% responsibility. We will help you with guidance, tools, and our methodology. Additionally, we will help to improve your fluency with our events where you can practice what you have seen is the class, but without you, we cannot achieve the most important things: “your goals”.

A school doesn’t exist without students and teachers doing their part, therefore we think that students have to study and teachers have to teach in order to succeed.

Spanish lessons Schedule & Price

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Spanish group lessons

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Days 7 pm to 9 pm Location: River North / Lakeview$/h
Mondays 12 hours
Tuesdays 12 hours
Wednesdays 12 hours
Thursdays 12 hours
Saturdays12 hours

Cancellation Policy and Outlines (Please Read)

  • The private or semi-private lessons must be taken within 3 months after the advanced payment
  •  Group lessons are more affordable but must be paid the whole amount in advance. Once the course  started the money cannot be returned
  • Private lessons should be cancel within 24 hour to avoid the charge or if paid before, not to be consider as a taken lesson. The notification should be by a phone call to the teacher if it is the day before or by email if it is 2 or more days in advance
  •  If you do not see your lesson in your Google Drive please let us know
  •   If you would like more homework let us know 

Most of the schools publish a fix schedule for the courses, but we do not do that because we do not like to play with people’s expectations. Generally when the minimum  (which in our case is 3) is not met, they cancel the courses. We have a more personable approach, we like to meet people or by Skype if it is not possible in person. We need listen to your Spanish orally, in order to listen to the pronunciation, understand your Spanish background and listen to your goals. When you decide what days you are available we match you with other two or 4 people that wants the same schedule. From that process your class will start in around two weeks.

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